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[1.7.10][OpenComputers][Modpack] KomputerKid's server

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Hey guys, I'm a bit of noob, but I do have a server going with opencomputers and a plethora of other mods.


IP: mc.komputerkid.net 


The modpack can be obtained from here:





A concise list of the mods I have on the server is available here:




It's using the standard port now, because I decided to make my server strictly modded. I am however, going to be importing the old world from my vanilla server, so you will need to travel a ways to find modded resources.


Clientside, we also have a few extra mods, specifically Optifine, and a java patcher for Java 8 on 1.7.10.


Update: Well, the import of the old world didn't work so well :|. Signs were screwed up, books were screwed up, already signed players inventories were screwed up. So I restored the world I had previously on the modded server, and kept the vanilla as an archive.

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