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network-API and request-handler

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The request-handler is a program to run as a main program on a PC. It holds execution commands from every program that communicates with it. That means I can run multiple programs that run their commands through the request-handler by adding their command and parameters to the request-handler. It also servers as a server for other computers that can send their requests to the server and if that request is allowed it will be processed automatically and the answer is send back. For this I programmed the modem-API that ensures that message networks are received on the target and works together with the request-handler.


This way it is possible to run programs simultanious (like multithreaded), if they use the request-handler that runs in a main loop.

It is also possible to simply run a client - server program, ask information from the server and similar.


you find those libraries in my github under request-handler.lua and modem-handler.lua.

It runs perfectly and was in use by me in several programs and it works awesome. I also used it in my shop-system.


As I do not have time to continue the development, feel free to clone it and use the code as you wish.

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