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Making Messaging User-Friendly


So, I've successfully sent a message to my friends computer. The problem is, it's just not very practical. We don't feel like going into the lua interpreter and typing things like =event.pull("modem") just to receive a message.


I also don't like having to open the modem every time I get on the computer to send a message. Is there any way I could make this whole process more user friendly? Any help would be great.

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event = require "event"
function evthandler_modem_message(msgtype, laddr, raddr, port, dist, ...)
  print (...)
event.listen("modem_message", evthandler_modem_message);

You may want to check the event library documentation at http://ocdoc.cil.li/api:event


You will need to tell the modem to listen on a specifc port, though, no getting around that. You can put that into a program of its own, and even make it run that program when it boots the computer.



component = require "component"
modem = component.modem
-- process parameters to a single string
text = table.concat (... , ' ')

...to make it easier to send a message.

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