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View component methods


when in lua i try to see some methods from a component




the reseult show only 9 entries




 i know there is some other methods over the 3 dots.


there is a way to show all methods from a component ?




other problem

when i see my component with a low tier graphic card or low tier monitor, the result is more than one page and the monitor scroll down.


there is a way to see the text before, or maybe a way to show the list page by page, or stop the scrolling at the end of the page until I press enter ?


Thank you all in advance :)


PS sorry for my poor english :P

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I actually wrote a program to make looking at components and libraries easier:


You can navigate through everything using your mouse or the command line.

You can go back via Ctrl+C.

If you like to read a component method's documentation just input that:


To install the program you also need another program. (cbrowse is packed in a tar archive; this program creates and extracts them)



To make it a bit easier for you, here are the commands for installation (needs an internet card):

cd /
wget 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mpmxyz/ocprograms/master/home/bin/tar.lua'
wget 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mpmxyz/ocprograms/master/tars/cbrowse.tar'
tar -xf cbrowse.tar
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Your program is really amazing , and i think i will use it for check method and components.


but i want to know , if and how i can resolve the problem to show more than 9 entries, when i search for a component method. Not only for find more method, but for undersend better OpenComputer mod.

And if there is any command to see a list of something like components, page by page with a console command.

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