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Gangsir's Simple Base Overview | Update to Basic Base Manager

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Guess who! It's me, Gangsir, back again with a large update to my old base manager program.
I've made some tweaks to it, and given it a gui instead of it just being a list of text.

In an attempt to keep this post organised, I've broken it up into sections, delimited by large
title lines. I decided to do this after looking at the disaster of the original thread. At
the bottom are the screenshots, computer requirements, and place to download. Due to it's
size after this update, it is too large to copy+paste in one operation, so wgetting it
is required.

What is this?

This is a simple base overviewer program, and is my magnum opus of code when it comes to OC.
This is the largest program I've written for this mod, the oldest, and the most complicated.
It connects to 3 types of components from a supported list, and displays pertinent data about them.
It however, does not allow input from the user, it's just a monitor of things. The three main types are:

-A Reactor. Currently supported brand(s) are: (Not likely to change)

  •     Big Reactors, passively cooled, any size or config.

-A Power storage unit. Currently supported brand(s) are: (May change if requests are made for a specific mod)

  •     EnderIO Capacitor banks of all tiers
  •     Thermal Expansion cells of all tiers
  •     Mekanism Energy Cubes of all tiers

-A fluid tank. Currently supported brand(s) are: (More coming)

  •     Mekanism portable tanks
  •     Extra utils drums of both tiers
  •     EnderIO fluid tanks of both tiers

How do I set this up?

All you need to do is use wget to download this program onto a strong enough
computer to run it, (more on that below) then run it. An argument can be set at
launch, this is the refresh rate in seconds. By default, it updates the screen
every 3 seconds, but this can be adjusted if you desire. If you have an internet
card in the computer, (which you likely will if you wgetted this program) the
program will automatically fetch the interface library it needs to function. If
you don't have internet, this program will not run. After that, it will start
setting up the gui, list all the components it found, then show the gui. Parts
of the gui are colour coded, red is for power related things, blue for tank, and
black for alerts. A line for current ingame time is also shown. If a type is not connected,

the program will manage itself and disable the module of the type. For example, a missing tank

will make the fluid monitor not update. This will work for any type of component.

    Speaking of alerts, this program will emit a short beep if the
power storage gets low, (<10% of it's capacity) or the reactor needs fuel. It
will also display this. While displaying the data, it will also manage the
reactor, setting the fuel rod insertion levels based on the amount of energy
stored in the reactor, to avoid wasting fuel. This design is more efficient
than my old base manager, which would just turn the reactor on and off. This allows

the system to eventually reach equilibrium, producing close to the amount needed, and never filling up.

Oh, and I forgot to note that the aforementioned internet card can be removed after it gets fully set up,
as it only needs to be done once.

-The Tablet Program

In the past, my old base manager would have the option to send it's data to a
tablet wirelessly, allowing for wireless base viewing. This is still a function.
    The tablet client has not changed, nor has the wireless part of the main program.
All you need to have is wireless capability in the home computer, such as a
wireless card or relay, and then the base overviewer will switch modes to start
sending data. All you need to do is run the client program after running the
home program, and it will handle everything, Note that the clientside is text only.
If you have no tablet, do not allow the home computer to access the wireless
components, as it will wait for tablet input before continuing. The download
for the tablet program is found at the bottom of this thread.

-Computer requirements:

  •     Tier 2 graphics, both gpu and screen, or higher
  •     Tier 2 Case
  •     Tier 2 Ram or greater
  •     Initially an internet card
  •     Tier 1 CPU, tier 2 recommended

What does this look like?

Glad you asked. Here's a few screenshots of the gui in function (Expand the spoiler):












Alright, this is cool. Where do I get it?

The program can be found at my github:



wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/GangsirsBaseInfoGetterV2.lua baseinfo.lua

-And it's optional accompanying program, the tablet client:



wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/BaseInfoGetterTabletClient.lua client.lua


Questions? Comments? Requests? Feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading!


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