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Mob Farm redstone controller | Ver 1.2

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Tis I, Gangsir. I've written a gui program for managing a mob farm's redstone. This program can control lights, doors, modded mob spawners, and a killing mechanism. (Such as grinders from MFR) This is a program that I myself use in my survival world, so I figured I'd share it.



Update v1.1:

+Added all off and on buttons

+Edits to gui.


Update v1.2

-Removed all off and on buttons, deemed not necessary

+Changed gui library to TankNut's, better lib with more functionality

+Tweaks to gui, due to above change

-Removed beeping




The program can be found at my github, or wget-ed:



wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NoahNMorton/Gangsir_MC_LuaPrograms/master/OpenComputers/MobFarmController.lua mobfarm.lua

How to use:


This script requires TankNut's interface library to run. If you don't have it, the program will try to wget it if you have an internet card installed. If all else fails, it will crash. Note that it's a good idea to reboot the computer after adding a library.


The program uses bundled redstone to control each aspect of a standard modded mob farm. Simply connect the computer/redstone io block to the door, lights, mob spawner, and killing mechanism. Set each machine to run on high signal. The computer/redstone io block will output on the bottom. On the other end of the cables, set the red output to be the mob spawner, the orange to the door, the white to the lights, and the black to the killing mechanism. (If you don't have one of these things, just don't connect it, and the button won't do anything.)


When a button is pressed, it will turn on the corresponding redstone signal. If the machine's redstone control is not configurable, use a NOT gate. When pressed again, it will turn off the redstone signal.


Requirements for the computer:

Tier 2 case or tier 3 if using t2 redstone card

Tier 2 gpu

Tier 2 redstone card or connection to a redstone io block

Tier 1 cpu

Tier 2 screen(s)  or higher

Tier 2 Memory x1 or 1.5 tier x2




Side note: If you like my contributions, make sure to tell me! It inspires me to keep sharing, and helps the forums get more fleshed out. Plus, the more pre-written programs that are around, the more newb-friendly this mod becomes.

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