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Chest Manipulation



 I am making a Item Storage/Banking system



I would like to have a 2 tier system, a Terminal and a server.

The terminals only have a access point interface as well as a Chest for item storage and retrieval.

The server would have a Database for each player "account"


The Terminals would ask a player to login and Authenticate to server.

Or Create a account (Store on server, also say if account exists and try again).


once logged in.

A player can do the following.

Deposit items - Player places item in chest, it reads item and verifies if its Gold Ingot, or Iron ingot and stores as variable in database for account, destroying item / removing from chest.

Withdraw items - Players "account" would return a number of items (gold ingots, iron ingots) based on "balance" in users account.




 I really dont mind at all.


Additional Information:

 If possible to have this all restricted to using opencomputers and command blocks only it would be great, I.E. not having other mods loaded if at all possible.


 If it would be better to have a actual database to check against, say mysql, i can set this up as well, for the "account" credentials and the "balances"


Seriously HUGE thanks in advance for any and all assist, i know this would be a Incredibly huge uptaking.

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I get the feeling I can take on this task


However I don't know much about MySQL and I havn't messed with HTTP/TCP on OpenComputers as of yet so that may be the limitation.


I read that wrong. The database can be on a computer and can be used to differ between every server it is installed on (theoretically). It can be global on a server, but would require some form of networking. Beyond that, your right, SQL or similar is needed to communicate.


Furthermore CommandBlocks may not be required, however, how tight would you like the programs security, seeing as it appears to be a banking system.


I have dropped this because it appears inactive.

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