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MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS

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This happens during boot every time! :o

/lib/image.lua:172: Failed to open file "" as image: format module for extension "nil" is not loaded:

stack traceback:

               [C]: in function 'error'

               /lib/image.lua:172: in function </lib/image.lua:167>

               ( . . . tail calls . . . )

               /OS.lua:223: in local 'changewallpaper'

               /OS.lua:737: in main chunk

               ( . . . tail calls . . . )

               [C]: in function 'xpcall'

               machine:751: in global 'xpcall'

               /lib/process.lua:84: in function </lib/process.lua:80>


Screenshot (7).png

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for future reference, please use spoilers...

but if I had to guess, you're missing image files...

did you use my image, or the online install??

if my image, you may be dealing with the HDD resetting itself from being in a slot when copying everything over, which is why I detailed in an earlier post to drag the HDD out of the Minecraft window when copying from the archive.

if online, your network may have a bad connection, or you're on a slow computer.

^both of these cause failure of the internet card on various streams (the result is not what's expected).


I tried building an OS that loads it's contents directly from web streams (for drones) using my own file server.

I kept getting failure to download errors because my computer lacks power.

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In his Russian terms of service it says you are now his slave


Russian Terms of service

Note: I am not responsible for anything you read here

Note: This page is in Russian and will need to be translated to English if you are English


From GitHub - Pre translated - By Google Translate

Carefully read the terms of this license agreement
before installing the operating system.
By clicking "Accept", you agree to the following:
  ● You have to act immediately in the anal slavery to the author
    this operating system.
  ● Some of your personal data (user names, passwords
    pastebin.com sites and vk.com) can be read by others
    humans and used for personal gain because of your same
  ● You agree not to distribute this OS, as well as
    its individual components under its own copyright mark without
  ● Do you accept the fact that the author of the operating system does not bear any
    responsible for any physical or mental injury,
    you may suffer by using this OS.
  ● ...
  ● Yes whom it **** bro? Legs together, **** in the prick, and forward
    toward the unknown!
In case of disagreement with any of the above claims,
you have to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + C, to complete

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yeah, I can't validate the slavery part... yet...

but let's see him control my Minecraft while I have no internet.

as far as the security goes though, it's only as secure as you allow your oc network to be.

(you can't complain if you allow others to access your computer)


at least he can't get me for redistributing his os :)

(haven't posted my image anywhere but here)

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On 26.06.2017 at 5:13 AM, Firiusfoxx said:


Didn't you understand humor? Don't be so naive and don't take this seriously. And why did you even read license? I look at you from here, Novorossia (Part of Ukraine, close to Russia), and think that this thing for you is like a god... Generally speaking, such an impression that the author will travel to you from Russia to your Pindostan only in order to fuck.

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Who doesn't read liscenses??

I'm sure most smart people don't want to be scammed or controlled and will double check what they download to make sure it isn't malicious.

humor or not, what's in the liscense is a very  serious issue, and if MineOS is spyware, it should be taken with caution.
(I've been busy with many other things and haven't had the chance to even look at the src to see if it really is spyware)

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@DarkPikachu Me, I never read licenses for software I downloaded and didn't going to in future. And this situation reminds me South Park S5E1, this lic can be just funny reference.

Did you read any of this giant soft licenses, like this? I'm going to die faster than read it all. "War and Peace Volume 1".

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lol, I will admit, if it's uber long and from a at least semi-trusted company like Adobe (not Microsoft), I usually skip over it because it usually says what you expect it to. ;)

but otherwise, good luck getting roped up in hidden offers, or sued for created content because of the fine print you didn't read.

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On 11/8/2017 at 7:24 PM, DIES said:

it looks like the typical stuff...

+1 to that

but I think Firiusfoxx's translation of the liscense lead to that.

EDIT: also that last line translated different for me, but it still makes no sense... heh

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I've been having some trouble booting the OS.

Here's the error that I get. It gives me a couple "Out of storage" messages before, but I have my storage maxed basically. 



Here's my computer incase anyone would like to know 



Has anyone had this problem, or can anyone fix it?

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I'm getting an error at line 221 in the radio app after deteting songs, how do i fix it?

EDIT: It also happens after adding songs  main.lua to be exact

Edited by trainfan91
New Discovery

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I would just like to mention that during the installation there is a glitch and it comes up with red shell text on the screen. This appears to also corrupt the OpenOS present on the computer/server. I have found out a way to get the installation to work but I've forgotten. it dosen't seem to crash when downloading any particular program. bust about 2/3 of the way through the installation. it also seems to happen when you arn't in the GUI.



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The new version of the OS says the website for creating an account is down, please fix. This is my favorite program. Also I was able to get the old apps from my old testing world on the new version. Thank you for the update.

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19 hours ago, kodicraft4 said:

I need help:

I do a test with 2X 3.5 tier RAM but MineOS does not run correctly, can you help me?

Well, you need to specify what exactly is happening, because "does not run correctly" won't help much.

First advice I can give though, is to forgo case and go directly for T3 server rack full of 3.5 RAM. And even with that, you can expect problems with things like geolyzer program.


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