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3D Printing with Schematics

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Ever since I saw that OC added a 3D printer, I've been having lots of fun playing around with it and coming up with some interesting applications. One thing I really saw the potential with when I first saw it was scaling down huge structures into a smaller size, packing in a load of more detail. So I figured that the best approach was to use the .schematic format to create printable .3dm files, as it already had a plethora of resources to print. Thus born this project.





-Scales down targeted .schematic by a factor of 8 (Highest power of two possible*)

-Uses a texture dictionary to map textures to the miniaturized voxels.

-Supports schematics of any size without trouble.

-Outputs nonempty .3dm files to print.

-Takes a while to assemble (woo so much fun!).


I wrote the converter in Python and would be happy to share the code once I get rid of the random hacks in it. Pretty fun project overall, I'll be using this a lot in the future to do some cool builds.


* - I tried doing x16 and sadly it was throwing errors due to the coordinates not being valid. You could probably bypass this restriction by tiling the 2^3 voxels somehow (I managed to do this with my .png to .3dm converter to get x16, but that required no air blocks).

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Wow. Did you have to increase the complexity limit of prints for that, or do you have some kind of merging in place to keep the actual number of shapes per print low enough?

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