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[WIP]It's awesome. It's sizzling hot. It's the freaking Jalopeno!

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Hello fellow OpenComputerians, today I want to tease you a little with my mouth-watering idea(or should I say soon-to-be-tangible toy?): Jalopeno.

Yes, indeed, you saw that misspelled word right. Blame it on the jalapeno I chewed! It sizzled my brizzle. Think of it as a central station to manage all of your devices in one place, specifically all connected devices in a single website. From website to your devices, you could remote access them. You could deliver Lua's codes directly to your devices. You could paint your tiny silly screens directly from the websites. You could track errors. Your devices could communicate among others. Perhaps so much more!  How, you say? Socket systems, powered by a single instance of Nodejs using Websockets, TCP sockets, and a HTTP protocol.

At this point, it is still in development and is in no shape to showcase it yet. I would like to share it when I'm done coding the backend as well as the frontend of Jalopeno. The idea is that you would install this special tiny program on your machines using internet card and pastebin command to register your device online. Once you do that, then you can hop on the website and log in to see all the contents it has to offers for your registered OpenComputers devices.



I plan to github it all for open source, for a ludicrous-deep cost of nothing. Good for those who want to host this website privately or publicly for themselves. I expect my codes to be dirty, engima-ish, and brain-rambling logics when I release Jalopeno to github *giggly*.


-rjs232323 (also known as the developer of MineCanvas!)



Edit: Added Image

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While I'm still working on ironing out bugs and implementing new features: here are the usecases that are now possible for registered devices when they're online and chunkloaded:

1. Access to your registered device globally. You can terminal into them as if you're using Lua directly altho with tiny small changes.

2. Connect two or more different network together. Got multiple bases across many servers? make a group and select machines to join that group. Those machines in a group will be able to see each others as modem events regardless dimension, or server enviorments. Modem events stuff may change, I'm still tinkering around though. This means your machines could be able to communicate to any others machines across multiple minecraft servers, and beyond (imagine Opencomputers connecting to your smartwatch or your phone!)  Imagine that kind of stress upon Jalopeno!

3. Opencomputers could render interactive webpages as if they're webhosting! You could log in and check on your reactor's health online with HTML5 or canvas drawing objects, and be able to interact with them that will relay back inputs to your OpenComputers machines real time. Your OpenComputers machines would have to be able to fetch Javascript files to make this possible.

4. Microcontroller are also supported. You will create a EEPROM and configure it and finally to be inserted into them. They will log in automatically on power.

5. Jalopeno notify you when your machines enter online/offline states.  This way you can see what's functional or not across your domain.



I'm guessing to release this program by next week or so, on github as source codes and also standalone nodeJS program to execute. 

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