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3D Printer Model designer (.3dm exporter)


First of all, i want to say, thank you for your amazing work with OpenComputers, this mod is amazing! I discovered today the 3d printer, this is amazing, people can now create blocks of his dreams !



  An external software to design and create .3dm models for OpenComputers in minecraft.



   A program where i can design graphicaly my model and exports it into minecraft in .3dm format.



  I don't mind.


Additional Information:

  None but simply ask me if you have other questions


Thank you,


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Topic has moved: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/669-3d-printer-script-3dm-realtime-viewereditor/


Dear all! today i tried to make the model designer, this is the verry first working version, i created it with Three.js


Demo url: http://f0x.me/OpenComputers-3D-Designer/

GitHub: https://github.com/F0x06/OpenComputers-3D-Designer


Usage: Edit 3dm script on the top left editor, preview model will be generated il realtime.

Controls: Mouse left + drag: Moove in scene, Mouse right + drag: Rotate scene


Current features: Shapes, textures, tints, states


Some screenshoots:






Best regards,


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This is a very useful web app! My compliments on a clean interface.


I would like to make one or maybe two suggestions to improve it, though. :) One would be to mark which way the item will be placed. I've built objects only to discover that, once printed, they come out sideways or backwards. Having something marking the direction the player must be facing when placing the block would help prevent these mistakes.


Having made that very rotation mistake, I made my own local tool to rotate the object by adjusting the coordinates. Adding a rotation—and perhaps mirroring—function would provide a good bit of flexability to the tool without too much effort.

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