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[MC 1.6.4][OC 1.2.*]ICBM Component

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Welcome to the official thread for the one and (quite likely)only ICBM Component mod!
This mod adds a new block(or 3 on hard mode) for interfacing with ICBM launcher controllers via OpenComputers.
This mod doesn't require ComputerCraft at all!


Note: This mod doesn't have it's own Creative tab, the comonent(s) show up in the OpenComputers tab.



You can get the latest builds from the jenkin's server: http://pc-logix.com/mods/ICBMComponent/artifacts/
You can find the source code on github, here: https://github.com/bizzycola/ICBMComponent/


Easy Mode
This is the default mode, it has one single block. The OC ICBM Component Block.
This block, when placed next to the launch controller and connected to OC(via a cable or being next to it) will allow you to control the launcher via OC code.




Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget

Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1)

Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget

(Note: This is the same recipe as the Tier 1 component in Hard Mode).


Hard mode
This mode has the same methods and everything as the easy mode, but it instead has 3 tiers of component block, as the ICBM mod has 3 tiers of launchers. In this mode you need higher tiers for higher tier launchers.
So, a tier 1 component won't work with a tier 2 or 3 controller, but of course a tier 3 component will work with tier 1 and 2.
At this time, all 3 blocks look the same, but have different crafting recipes.
To enable hard mode, change the option in the ICBM Component config file.


Tier 1 Component

Compatible with: Tier 1 launcher




Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), iron Nugget

Microchip(Tier 1), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 1)

Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 1), Iron Nugget


Tier 2 Component

Compatible with: Tier 1 and Tier 2 launchers.




Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), iron Nugget

Microchip(Tier 2), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 2)

Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 2), Iron Nugget


Tier 3 Component

Compatible with: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 launchers.




Iron nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), iron Nugget

Microchip(Tier 3), Printed Circuit Board(PCB), Microchip(Tier 3)

Iron Nugget, Microchip(Tier 3), Iron Nugget



Okay, so as you can see, to go up a tier, just use the next tier of Microchip.

These items used are part of the OpenComputers mod, which is obviously required!


Here is the actual block:





These are the methods available in the mod:
First off, to get the primary component:

local component = require("component")
local icbm = component.icbm_bridge

Now, for the actual methods..

icbm.isConnected() --Returns true if the component is connected to a launcher, false otherwise. If you try to use any other methods when it isn't connect, it'll error.

icbm.launch() --Launches the ICBM

icbm.canLaunch() --Returns true if the launcher can launch, false otherwise.

icbm.getStatus() --Returns a string of the controller status(will contain the error if it cannot launch)

icbm.getMissileType() --Returns the name of the missile in the launcher

x,y,z = icbm.getTarget() --Returns the coords of the target

icbm.setTarget(x,y,z) --Sets the launcher target

At this time the mod doesn't have support for turrets, radars, etc, but we're looking into it.


Have fun!




Me --I started the mod and did some stuff

Michiyo: Did most of the work, adding config, better detection, etc.

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