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OpenComputers v1.5.13

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OpenComputers 1.5.13 is out! With it comes the Lua 5.3 architecture as the second official and built-in architecture. That's not all, though, check the change log for more additions.


As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating.

Download on Curse.

  • Added: Lua 5.3 architecture.
  • Added: Data card, provides hashing algorithms and inflate/deflate (thanks Kubuxu).
  • Added: 3D prints can now be configured to not be collidable, per state, increases print cost though.
  • Added: Using an empty string as the texture for a 3D print shape will make it transparent.
  • Added: Callback to AE2 interface driver to allow storing items in database upgrade.
  • Added: ExtraCells integration (thanks DrummerMC).
  • Added: Integration with BC7 Electronic Library to allow saving/loading EEPROMs (requires BC 7.0.9).
  • Fixed: Interaction of robots and drones with trapped double-chests.
  • Fixed: Neighbors of redstone emitting prints not updating in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Incorrect coordinates in mouse scroll event in scaled GUIs.
  • Fixed: Off-by-one in os.date().
  • Fixed: Command block driver now properly returns numeric value from executeCommand.
  • Fixed: Potential NPE when initializing Microcontrollers.
  • Fixed: Updated Project Red screwdiver implementation in Scrench.
  • Fixed: Display position of hover boots while sneaking.
  • Fixed: Drones producing step sounds when flying too low.
  • Fixed: Behavior of /dev/null in robots.
  • Fixed: A bunch of typos in the documentation.

To use the Lua 5.3 architecture, shift-rightclick a CPU while holding it in your hand to cycle through available architectures until it says Lua 5.3 in the chat and/or expanded tooltip of the CPU.


If you've been playing with a 1.5.13 dev-build (i.e. one you got from Jenkins), you'll have to manually set the option enableLua53 to true in your config, because it originally wasn't until I did some stability testing.

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