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Inventory, moving, accessing

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I did a bit of research around after unsucessefully trying to make a program that could automate the creationg of circuits for AE using an inscriber.


I realized that there is no way, from a Computer, to actually do anything at all with inventories. Drones seem to have the inventory manager upgrade, but I don't actually need the computer to move, I want items to move. 


Basically, I'd like to replace the need for Steve's Factory Manager (a somewhat overpowered block) with an opencomputer setup. Reasons for this include:

 - It's damn cooler and can display what's happening on screen.

 - There is a lot more power in creating scripts.

 - The duplication of "code" in SFM for this simple setup is... annoying, and there are a few complex things that require more space than the screen (even with groups) can give.

 - Code can be shared easily between worlds and through pastebin, not a possiblity with SFM programs.


Afaict OpenPeripherals added that capability to ComputerCraft by wrapping a chest as a peripheral, doing chest.pushItem() and chest.pullItem(). Putting an Adapter on the Inscriber (which showed up as mekanism_machine) did not seem to give me any sort of functionality in this regards.


Is this something that's planned? I'd love to have the power of Steve's Factory Manager in this regards.

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I'm not sure I really have the ability to do anything with the inventory controller in terms of moving items...


When I do =component.inventory_controller on an adapter with the inventory controller, I'm getting none of the functions that the wiki describes for moving items. .dropIntoSlot(), .suckFromSlot() and .store() simply aren't there.


I'm beginning to think I'm SOL and it's just not possible to do this with computers, only with drones. Doesn't seem to be a way to insert a database upgrade into the computer either? I'm a little confused.


OH WAIT, the config setting is disabled by default? Now I'm surprised because considering how Steve's Factory Manager is so popular, it doesn't seem super logical to me that anyone would consider database interaction to be "cheaty". I mean, the amount of learning & coding required to get to the point where you move items (as well as the cost of the computer itself compared to SFM), it feels like this would be barrier enough to not just pop in a computer and do all the automation right off the bat. SFM is *much* easier to deal with and the only reason I wanted to use OC is because of more control and the ability to save to pastebin...


Whether or not this is changed, perhaps a note on the wiki (http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:inventory_controller) to indicate that this is also available in Adapters with the Inventory Controller Upgrade, and that inventory interaction is disabled by default in the config?


OH WAIT, no the config option doesn't change anything, I`m still not getting the appropriate functions from the computer.


Am I doing something really wrong here, or do I really, truly, absolutely need a Drone to do this? I appologize for the multiple turnarounds, I was writing all this while testing and trying out stuff :P

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The Adapter can only read information from adjacent inventories; suckFromSlot/dropIntoSlot wouldn't really make sense, because they have no internal inventory (aside the upgrade slot). There was a suggestion for a "computerized hopper" so to say, basically a computer controlled block that'd be able to move stuff from A to B with inv. controller like inspection capabilities, but I'm not sure that ever made it Github (hint hint).

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