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Network Floppy: TCP Event pulls, autorun


Hey guys,


I'm working on building 2 programs;

1. Allows a user to bind a custom address to the local machine, open a port, listen to it for TCP traffic, await for a TCP event, pulls some information from the event (remote addr, port, etc.), ask if you'd like to send a reply, and if yes, send it then going back to listening, if no, go back to listening.

2. Asks you for the address you'd like to connect with, the port on the destination machine, and then the message you'd like to send, and then awaits a reply from the remote host. One it receives it, it allows you to then reply and alternate between listening and sending to allow for a conversation.


I can code all of it, I was just wondering if there was some documentation somewhere of the Network API, and what events/information comes in what orders, so I can properly grab what information I want for this to work. 'man network' gives me a list of commands, parameters, and some description, but isn't exactly clear on what events, and in what order the information comes in, as I need to save the channel, remoteaddr, and some other information from the events in order to get this working. 


Thanks for any and all help, guys!

EDIT: I'm using the network floppy, and the commands listed there in order to get this to work, so network.tcp.open, network.tcp.send, network.tcp.listen, etc.

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I would also like someone to point me to documentation for the network floppy's functions. (And I'm curious: is finding that floppy in a dungeon, or cheating one in, really the only way to get proper networking set up?) I want to code a sort of BBS chat board for OpenComputers, but I'd prefer not to have to re-invent the wheel.

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