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Networked computers accessing each others screens


I have two computers. Each one has a screen and keyboard on top of each, and the two cases, but not the screens, are connected by a network cable. When the computers start up, the text appears on one screen, then the default OS screen appears on the other screen. This ends up being really confusing! I tried writing an autorun script that told each computer to set its respective screen as the primary screen component, but it didn't work. If anybody could help me out, that would be great!

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Do they need to use the same Components, or do you just want to "talk" to each other? 


If you don't need Access to the Components just place a Switch between the Computers!

Otherwise you can use this:

component.setPrimary("keyboard", "<-The Address of the keyboard->")
component.setPrimary("screen", "<-The Address of the screen->")

you can get the Address's by CTRL+RMB with the Analyzer and past it in with the MMB.

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If you're using the component.setPrimary() way, you'll also need to tell the gpu to draw on the right screen, i.e. component.gpu.bind("<Screen's address"),

your final code would look like that :

local component = require("component")
local screen = "<screen address>"

component.setPrimary("screen", screen)

You can also enclose the two last lines in a function named start, and save that in the /etc/rc.d directory. Then edit rc.conf and add the file's name (minus the .lua) to the "enabled" table (Yes, rc.conf is a Lua file).

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