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How do I use raid?


Heyo! 1M here!

Soo...I made a block of raid and put drives in it, and promptly realized that I could not find raid documentation, nor could I find how to use it. My question is, how do I a.) access the raid. b.) put data onto the raid. Any help will be appreciated, as I am on my first use of this mod, and so far it looks amazing! Thank you in advance!


1M out!

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The RAID is an external filesystem, like the Floppy Drive but on steroids. If the RAID is connected to a computer by wire or proximity (next to the computer), you should be able to see it by typing 'df' in the shell, look for 'raid' on the left side of the output.


My testing says a RAID has to have three Hard Drives. Any Hard Drives inserted into a RAID will be wiped. If you remove any of the Hard Drives in a RAID, the entire RAID will be wiped. You can pick up and move a RAID without disturbing the Hard Dirves within.


If your RAID was found above, it has been mounted to your boot filesystem in /mnt (look for the first three characters of the RAID's address) and could be accessed through there. It might be easier for you to mount it elsewhere on the filesystem, /home might be a good choice.


I wrote a tutorial about this, look for Black Hole Tutorial 03. As for finding documentation, Black Hole Tutorial 01. If you need more help, reply here.

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