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[Feature demand/requrest] Drones follows Player...

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Is it possible to make a drone follow the player in real world coordinates? (like a floating pet)

It would be awesome.

If it's not possible , i demand an upgrade like the navigation one, but more costly that will show World X, Y, Z coordinates of the player (if used in a tablet, like an GPS) and X, Y, Z coordinates of the drone, so we can calculate where the drone has to go to follow the player.



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I believe the Computronics radar block allows reading nearby entities' locations? If that's not the case or those coords aren't relative I'm open to adding something like a T2 motion sensor that could do something like what you're suggesting.


Computronics are for older versions of OC, and it's not officially built in the mod.


It would be awesome you add a GPS upgrade, allowing to get location of a computer, tablet, robot or drone by a simple command (gps = component.proxy etc... gps.getWorldCoordinates())

Yes, computronics includes radar upgrade, but also camera upgrade.

I didn't test yet the camera upgrade for the drone, as I don't know it's API and it's hard to send via modem card the info about components to the computer, since it's using an EEPROM.


If it's possible, after adding a GPS upgrade, I would love you add something like a camera for the turtles/drones, like this mod does for it's submarines:



But not from third-person, i would like a camera upgrade that does like in the video but first person, and depending on tier, it will decide if it has colours, or if it's like black/white (optional).


The spectate can be like in Space Engineers, a 3D single/multiplayer sci fi building game that includes a remote camera.


And if possible, a camera component with this function:

camera.setViewSide( side_number ) -- so we can view from bottom (like in ArmA2's reconnesance drones), from top and SOME sides, not all sides for example.


Of course, to start spectating like this you can add an remote control item, or a component like remote controller, that will be controlled by a script, like this:


local control = component.proxy(component.list("remote_controller")())


while true do

local ev, adr, byte, extra = event.pull("key_down")

local char = unicode.char(byte)

if char == "a" then


elseif char == "d" then


-- and so on...

elseif char == "x" then



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Computronics are for older versions of OC, and it's not officially built in the mod.



Computronics is still compatible with OC, and will be so for the foreseeable future.


My own solution to your problem is to have a tablet and a drone with the  same navigation upgrade, and use the tablet as sort of a "GPS"  for the drone.

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