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[1.7.10] crAftNARCHIE

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my server dying !!!

help me to keep it alive !!!

all my players have leave to play LOL (killer of mc)

I have a lot of mods (IC2, BC, RC, AE2rv1, OC etc)

(but no "magic" one like botania, thauncraft)

But, this server is yours !!!

we can decide together which mods using (wide open)

conditions : no massive PvP, full survival oriented

no limitation or forbiden items, no mining world (quarry available anywhere and without limitation),

water consumne, pumping anywhere, any liquid (include lava in nether too), no TP / gate / warp,

respect of villager and neutral mobs (cow, chicken) [no iron farm, lot of chicken in a cube etc], ...

my machine server is in a BIG datacenter (OVH France) and its a good machine : 3,5ghz 8Go, 100mbs

if many player joinning, I can upgrade machine easyless.

email : craftnarchie at free.fr (en or fr speaking)

skype: foxzoolm

no age limite but "mature".

you are my last chance to don't close this server at end of year (2014).

- Merged -

oh, I "planning" another server who's trying to pay players (in IRL money)

subsidy by francophile organisation.

(you must make the promise to try learn french [even if false mmm])

OC is in list of mods.


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It seems there is a communication issue here with your translation to English. I can somewhat understand what you are saying but I require you to supply an IP address for this topic to be valid. Knowing that this isn't a rule set on the forums, I will leave your topic unlocked but would like to see a little bit more detail about the mods and the address to join the server.


Regards, Ir7

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