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Discord Webhook Program

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I'm wondering if there are any successful Discord Webhook programs that work for OpenOS. I can't find anything using google or this forum except a Computercraft program which works successfully, but requires Computercraft's textutils and http APIs.

I'm new to programming and have no idea what I'm doing or what I should be doing, but I've tried debunking what CraftOS commands are incompatible with OpenOS and looked at what I can use to replace them, writing CraftOS's bios to an EEPROM (it's too big), booting into CraftOS from OpenOS, and running a CraftOS emulator in OpenOS. The latter few are clearly too big of projects for me which is why I'm asking for a step in the right direction.

I'm not going to do nothing and wait for a response, I'm going to keep learning lua, OpenOS, and CraftOS to see what I can do but I doubt I'll get anywhere soon.

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based on the program you linked, I made a discord webhook api that should work with OpenOS. But I haven't tested it yet, because I don't have a discord server. So try it and tell me if you run into any issues.

First, download a JSON lib:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CptMercury/lunar-json/main/json.lua lunar-json.lua

This is the api:

-- # loosly based on HydroNitrogen's Discord webhook api for ComputerCraft
-- # See: https://github.com/Wendelstein7/DiscordHook-CC
local checkArg, error = checkArg, error
local byte, format = string.byte, string.format
local component = require "component"
local inet = require "internet"
local ljson = require "lunar-json"
local discord = {}

local msg_header = {
  ["Content-Type"] = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
  ["Source"] = "Minecraft/OpenComputers/Discord"
local json_header = {
  ["Content-Type"] = "application/json",
  ["Source"] = "Minecraft/OpenComputers/Discord"

local function escape(s)
  return s:gsub('[+=&%%%c]', function (c)
    return format('%%%02X', byte(c))

function discord.createWebhook(url)
  checkArg(1, url, "string")

  if not component.isAvailable("internet") then
    error("Discord Webhook requires an internet card to operate.")

  local webhook = {
    url = url

  function webhook.send(msg, username, avatar)
    checkArg(1, msg, "string")
    checkArg(2, username, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(3, avatar, "string", "nil")
    msg = escape(msg)

    if username then
      msg = msg.."&username="..escape(username)

    if avatar then
      msg = msg.."&avatar_url="..escape(avatar)

    local res, msg = inet.request(url, msg, msg_header)
    return res and true or false

  function webhook.sendJSON(json)
    checkArg(1, json, "string")
    local res, msg = inet.request(url, json, json_header)
    return res and true or false

  function webhook.sendEmbed(msg, title, desc, link, color, img, img_thumb,
                             username, avatar)
    checkArg(1, msg, "string")
    checkArg(2, title, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(3, desc, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(4, link, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(5, color, "number", "nil")
    checkArg(6, img, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(7, img_thumb, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(8, username, "string", "nil")
    checkArg(9, avatar, "string", "nil")

    local data = {
      content = msg,
      username = username,
      avatar_url = avatar,
      embeds = {
          title = title,
          description = desc,
          link = link,
          color = color

    if img then
      data.embeds[1].image = {url = img}
    if img_thumb then
      data.embeds[1].thumbnail = {url = img_thumb}

    local success, json = ljson.encode(data, true, false, true, true, true)
    if not success then
      error("Unable to encode data as JSON")

    local res, msg = inet.request(url, json, json_header)
    return res and true or false

  return webhook
return discord


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