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OpenComputers centered server looking to branch out!

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This US server has existed for a few months but we are looking to branch out by getting some more people playing and we have just started a new world around 1 week ago.

Most players focus on the OpenComputers mod but we also have other tech-related mods to work with while still keeping the pack somewhat light.

There is no whitelist or banned items so you can just download the latest version of the pack and hop in!

IP: box.home.srnd.net:48008

Pack Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qxamSHjZu8sgST4t_O5Hu2qh5YFHAh7e?usp=sharing

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/EaAwWRX

Mod List:

advancedrocketry advancedrocketrycore aiimprovements alternatingflux appleskin asielib betterbuilderswands buildinggadgets chesttransporter clumps codechickenlib cofhcore cofhworld computronics craftingtweaks crafttweaker crafttweakerjei elevatorid exchangers fastbench fasterladderclimbing fastfurnace fastleafdecay fencejumper fenceoverhaul findme FML foamfix foamfixcore forge forgemultipartcbe ftbbackups ftblib ftbutilities guitoolkit harvest immersiveengineering immersivepetroleum immersivetech inventorytweaks ironbackpacks ironchest jei journeymap kleeslabs libvulpes mcjtylib_ng mcp microblockcbe minecraft minecraftmultipartcbe morpheus mrtjpcore netherportalfix notenoughwands nuclearcraft ocdevices ocsensors opencomputers opencomputers|core openglasses openscreens opensecurity oreexcavation phosphor-lighting projectred-compat projectred-core projectred-fabrication projectred-illumination projectred-integration projectred-transmission railcraft randompatches recipehandler redstoneflux rendertoolkit smoothfontcore snad stg supersoundmuffler surge thermaldynamics thermalexpansion thermalfoundation tombmanygraves uppers waila zettaindustries

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