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Fire alarm system / fire protection system?


Hello everybody,

I am very new and inexperienced in the field of OpenComputers and LUA programming.
Before I try to implement my idea, I would like to ask the experienced among us whether my idea is possible or possible.

I would like to program a kind of fire alarm system with OpenComputers, because a realistic construction with redstone is almost impossible or space-intensive.  The signal transmission will probably happen with Redstone, among others ProjectRed and ElectricalAge.
All in the game version 1.7.10.

I would like to implement the following as one or more programs:
- Fire alarm system control for switching on and off the entire system.
- Switching off the acoustic alarm after triggering.
- Manual control of a sprinkler system.
- Manual control of doors, e.g. for opening and closing, and automatic control of certain doors when an alarm is triggered.
- Receipt of signals when smoke detectors are triggered, which are combined into groups.  For example, a group would be “Group - Ground Floor” with 5 smoke detectors.
- Manually adding newly installed "groups" in the program.
- If an alarm is triggered, the PC should analyze the received signal and then display on the screen where the alarm was triggered.  For example: fire alarm, group 2 - ground floor.  At the same time, either the writing or the entire screen should turn red and, if possible, flash.

That would be a rough overview of the most important functions that I would like to implement.
I'm sure that I'll probably have to compromise on features.

I look forward to tips and help.
But most of all, I would be happy to receive answers whether something like this can be implemented.


And finally, sorry for my English, because I don't speak English well, I had to translate the text with Google Translate.


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