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Minecraft server on OC

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Not a Minecraft server about OC, but a Minecraft server running on OC. More specifically an 1.15.2 Minecraft server. (btw sorry for low video quality, but 2 Minecraft instances with one modded is CPU-intensive, so..)



Just look at the github: https://github.com/zenith391/OCMCS

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Last demo video:


20 hours ago, Nexarius said:

Wait what? How? You did what? :blink:


But can it run modded minecraft? How deep is the rabbit hole?

No, it does not currently run modded minecraft (albeit it runs plugins made for this server), but one experiment i want to do for later is recreating a bit of OC mod in Lua, to make it run in this server, so that you can run Minecraft server in Minecraft server in Minecraft server in Minecraft server in ... until it crashes your PC lol.

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