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Bundled cable slow output



I have issue with bundled cable, my program is 32ch redstone switch (2 bundled cables on output), that switches bundled channel or all, which I specify with argument, on state ON/OFF (also specify with argument) (- input format is in bitcode (1011110) number position specify the channel number, and 1 or 0 specify the channel state, or for all channels "rset all on/off") Program works great on single channel switching, but when I want switch multiple channels, it takes time (about 10 seconds if I want switch all). It only happens if there is state change on specific channel (0 > 1, 1 > 0), if there isn't change (0 > 0, 1 > 1), program passes throught this channel fast. I tried to disconnect end device, but nothing happened.

Video on one drive
Program on pastebin

Sorry for possible grammar mistakes, I'm Czech.

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From the wiki:


The set methods are not “direct”, and thus can only be called once per tick, at most. Thus, ~20 times per second. In addition to their indirect cost (consuming the rest of the tick) if the set call changes any output levels, there is an additional delay imposed on the machine. By default set calls can change outputs approximately 6 times per second.

This can be changed in the config file.  For me, it is lines 789-792.


    # Enforced delay when changing a redstone emitting component's output,
    # such as the redstone card and redstone I/O block. Lowering this can
    # have very negative impact on server TPS, so beware.


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