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Wireless Modem sending messages two times when direct connection with cables/components


[OC 1.12.2]

I noticed a weird possibly unwanted behaviour with wireless modems.

I have the following setup: PC connected via cable to a redstone component and a robot next to the redstone comp. (Any component does this. Just the cable connecting to the robot works too)
Both the computer and the robot have a wireless modem. I broadcast commands to the robot and everything is working as expected at first.
But then i add a component (redstone and the agricraft computer analyzer) and suddenly the robot receives every message twice.

Turns out, that if the robot is directly connected to the Computer through Cables or Components, it receives every message twice. I guess once wireless and once per cable.
Now my Question is: Is this intended?

One solution would be to check on the robot if he receives the same messages twice and only execute once.

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Robots should not be able to connect to external components, not even wired networks.

This is definitely a bug.

For now, you can have the first parameter of each message be some unique number and not accept any message whose number you have already encountered in the past 30 seconds.

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