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Large numbers - greater than 2.147.483.647


i am using OC with a mekanism induction matrix.
but as soon as the number is higher than 2.147.483.647 - the program "halts", because the number is to big.

Is there a way to allow it to have even larger numbers??
as the getEnergy() function of the matrix returns 2.147.483.647 - but nothing higher

i would hate to resort to using computercraft if i can avoid it

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12 minutes ago, BrisingrAerowing said:

Unless you can get a method to use 64-bit integers, there's nothing you can do.

i just found it weird, that the "same" method on computercraft is using 64 bit integers.
so i was hoping that there was a way around it with OC :)

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From reading the Mekanism source code, Mekanism in itself supports energy counts until the 63 or 64 bit number limit, or the double number limit, depending on what branch you are reading.

This probably means that your problem is an integration issue, so you should create an issue to Mekanism, as they made the OC-Mekanism integration.

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