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Warehouse Program with Shop (and possible automation addon)


This is less of a "Do for me" and more of a "Work Together" kind of thing. I am working for fun on a warehouse program with user management, item management, locations for items, pulling, restocking, etc. It's a fun side project, but progress is slow as I figure out how to do this. There is going to be 1 server, then mineos computers that handle the bulk of the work, with 2 seperate apps: one being the actual warehouse program for pulling orders and such, and one being the store where people can sign in and buy stuff. After I finish that I might add in a way to automate pulling with robots, having it map out chest locations, packing and drop off areas, and more. It's hard to explain but I will figure it out along the way. I want to know if anyone will be willing to help me with this to speed it up.

So far, I have a bulk of the prototype server fleshed out as I think is needed (user management, order management, connection management, and item management) and only the login portion of the warehouse app done I think (untested) Ill have the github up soon as It's still private not actually making it public yet. :P

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5 hours ago, bioscreeper said:

Have you started? (I might join!)

I haven't done much progress in a long time lol, but it is something I do want to continue work on. I can send the github files to show what I have done so far once I get back home. It's not enough progress that restarting is not an option (a lot of the stuff is a mess lol)

I'll add documentation soon to what code I have made so it can be a little more understandable

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