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what should be in open computers

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please do not throw the first open computers, the second one is too complicated, and it's not that anymore, release updates for the first one at least once a year and it will be fine, now I'm 15, I dream that when I turn 18, the mod will be globally updated

  1. laptops - it should be a simple but expensive device like a tablet, but it can be installed on a block without a dock (spoiler) and used both in hand and on blocks, it can be moved without turning off, it will retain its state even after re-entering the world (which, for a strange reason, the tablet does not know how)
  2. dock station - will allow you to install the tablet on the unit and allow it to connect to external components
  3. different levels of eeprom - let the standard eeprom be the second level and there will also be an eeprom 2 times less and 2 times more
  4. the import map is like in open computers 2 - with it you can upload data to the computer and the program on openOS will put it in a file
  5. level 4 components (emerald) - they should be very, very expensive and be very good, level 4 monitors will be able to stretch the picture to the full screen while the resolutions will remain too long to stretch the characters themselves
  6. security settings - with the assembler, it should be possible whether the device can be disassembled, whether it will be possible to change the eeprom through the workbench, whether the tablet disk will be determined by the computer, etc.
  7. temperature - the components should have the property of overheating they should have a temperature and they are different components in different ways to warm up and overheat at different temperatures (for example, an Internet card will get very warm and for a quick and buzy download you will have to put several Internet cards and use them very often)
  8. rawCard - will have several buffers in (depending on the level, their number and dimension will change) and which can be placed raw music data (song with words) and it will be possible to turn on and start sounds


  • animation of ventelators on computers
  • the tablet should save the states
  • of the server disk drive should have the media method
  • the built-in disk drive should be defined as a component in both computers and tablets and robots, and should contain at least the isEmpty and media method, if possible, the eject
  • computer beep should block not until the end of the beep, but only if another
  • screen is already writing, should NOT respond to the redstone signal (this greatly hinders)
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