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Making a simple "Count Up Timer"?


For those who don't know, a count up timer is the oposite of a countdown timer which is just a certain number going down until it hits 0.

So basically, I want it to look like this "00:00:00" and I want it to be hours:minutes:seconds. I want the numbers to go up to 99:99:99, or even for ever if that's possible.

Programing isn't really my thing and I don't want to spend months learning a single programming language, if the only thing I'm gonna be using it for is minecraft.

Thanks in advance. :)

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I'm not sure why you're interested in OpenComputers if you don't want to learn at least a little about programming. Nonetheless, I've written a program that should do what you want. If your computer has an internet card, you can save yourself some effort by using:

pastebin get jqgVWjYp stopwatch.lua -f

Otherwise, head here and copy and paste into Minecraft (middle button is paste by default).

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I took the request to learn some OC coding and came up with this: http://pastebin.com/1HT8k0jn

It does basically the same, except that it switches resolution to display the time as readable as possible on the screen (when outside the terminal) and it reacts on mouse clicks.

If you start the program the resolution will be changed and the time can be started and stopped by clicking on it. Note that if you are not inside the terminal you can shift-right-click the time-text on the screen (must hit the actual text to work!). Press space (inside the terminal) to stop the program and reset the resolution.

Also works as code example if you are new to Lua. ;)

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