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Modular security database

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I reworked the entire security system in order to make it more user friendly and modular, and I believe I finished it!

This system is composed of 1. A server 2. A MineOS database 3. All the doorcontrol systems.

Improvements this has over the older system:

  1. Modular, non-hardcoded passes, groups, etc, so you can customize it to your own preferences
  2. A customizable cryptKey, so the message encryption is unique to yourself
  3. Updated autoinstaller, so it detects what version your doorcontrol is and server is (old 1.#.# version or this new 2.#.# version)
  4. Even more!
I will be making a full video tutorial series soon. Channel is here! playlist is here

Full page and descriptions are on the readme in Github

I will add photos soon here

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Update 2.2.0 (coming in a few days) will be introducing an advanced pass checking system. The new system will be able to:

  1. Allow multiple passes through 1 door
  2. Reject certain passes
  3. Require two passes to go through (above a certain level and part of a certain group)
  4. A supreme pass (kind of like a staff pass) that lets you in no matter what base pass, reject passes, or more you don't have

Of course, updating the door control database will not break the system, as now I am taking extra precautions to make it update cleanly, so updating will automatically change config to one that works.

If you are only setting up one pass for every door on a multidoor system, that could get tedious since you will have to constantly say 0 for all the add, base, and reject passes and say 1 for supreme, so it will prompt you at the beginning if you want to do a simple setup. The simple setup is exactly the same as it was before.

A wiki page has already been made for the new update so you can understand how it'll work when bug fixing and testing is done and it is released to the public

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Update 2.2.1: Updated diagnostic tablet to combine door diagnostics with accelerated door setup. It also can read all the passes you add to a door. The new diagnostic tablet only works with doors 2.2.0 and up (if you want to see every single door connected to a multidoor, the version must be 2.2.1 and up) Next video will be on the diagnostic tablet

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Update 2.2.2: Added runtime door editing to diagnostic tablet. Only works on versions 2.2.2 and up. The only thing runtime editing cannot do yet is passes. That still requires the auto installer. In order to use runtime editing, you go to the runtime editing app on the diagnostic tablet, choose the door you want to edit, and swipe the red card (admin card) on that magreader. If it is a multidoor, then the first magreader you swipe will always be listed first, then all the other doors connected to the multi door will be listed after that. Another upgrade over traditional autoinstaller editing is that it lists the previous settings of the door, and you can select which options to edit instead of having to change all the settings. You switch between the doors (on a multidoor not single) with the left and right arrow keys. Use the number keys to select which you want to edit on a door. Press enter to identify a door (If using the latest version of opensecurity, it turns on and off the redstone or open/close door a few times. If using the modified version (when finished it will be pulled into main opensecurity branch), it will change between the lights on the magreader.) When you are finished editing the settings, you click the screen, which will send the modified settings to the door and submit it to the server. If you made any mistakes on the editing, a copy of the previous settings is saved (I forgot the name of it, but you'll find it if you use it)

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate and submit an issue report to the github. I was a little rushed to get it out so I could make my video on the diagnostic tablet and did minimal testing.

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Little late on updates, but ill add here.

Update 2.3.0 adds in functionality to SecurityAPi to let you make your own programs using strings and hiddenstrings. You can grab the data stored in a user's account if it is a string or hidden string using getvar and change it's data using setvar. With this, you can make your own program such as a counter, etc. The mineOS database now downloads userlist from server first, and it defaults to not autoupdating (you can change it in settings.

Update 2.3.1 will be coming out later after a week or so. It changes up the mineOS database interface making it cleaner, adds a dark style, and adds lang file support (with english and russian translation only so far) Diagnostic tablet's edit mode also allows you to add or delete doors from multidoors and you can edit the passes of doors too (eliminating need for autoinstaller to edit doors theoretically) This update is still in works and there might be more added to it such as being able to change database settings straight from the database itself without needing to change the dbsettings.txt file.

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