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Lukyt - Java on OpenComputers (without mod)

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A while ago i made a JVM in Lua with the first goal of running Java on OC, just because i like Java and we all know it's a good programming language.

So here's the JVM running a program that fills GPU:


Oops, made a typo.


Ok at first this might not seem impressive at all, but now you can interact with components using Java! That's an awesome thing for Java-ers like me!

Race to first Java OS in OC? Anyone?

Here's the (simple) code i used above

import lukyt.oc.Component;

public class ComponentTest {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		String gpu = Component.getPrimary("gpu");
		Component.invoke(gpu, "setBackground", new Object[] {0x2D2D2D});
		Component.invoke(gpu, "fill", new Object[] {1, 1, 160, 50, " "});
		System.out.println("Filled screen with RGB 0x2D2D2D");


Here's GitHub page (to download and use on your favourite OC computer): https://github.com/zenith391/lukyt

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Just updated the Lukyt Java VM for OpenComputers, i updated a few things and now integer, longs and objects can be printed to output stream.

Object hash codes was also fixed.

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