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Can a robot assemble a new robot?


Hello everyone,

I'm a new user, I do have experience with ComputerCraft / Lua / coding. So a robot can craft stuff from it's inventory, can it also operate an assembler?

(btw, is there a OpenComputers-guide-for-ComputerCrafters)

Thanks in advance,

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Seems to be almost possible! You can use the inventory controller upgrade to add items to the assembler.


I figured out how the slots work, they're pretty weird.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to automatically set the assembler going though. I feel like it should accept redstone signals but it does not.

Bear in mind that I'm using the 1.10.2 version of the mod so maybe the version you're using supports it!

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Oh wow, great work. I've tested the other side using 1.12. I filled an assembler by hand and tried different setups to get it started. Redstone signal did nothing. Would be great if it could though. You could give an assignment to a robot, and then the robot decides it needs coworkers and makes some more robots. :-)

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On 5/24/2020 at 5:08 AM, Fictitious Rotor said:

It's a bit strange that this component API isn't in the documentation?

ocdoc.cil.li, with a few rare exceptions, is a haphazard collection of archaic manuscripts preserved to remind us how not to do documentation. No wonder this particular method is missing its mention on the wiki.

Your best friend in exploring OC's components is the OpenOS's built-in program "components". Here's how to use it:

# print the names and addresses of all connected components:

# same, with scrolling if the list is too long (use the arrow keys to navigate):
components | less

# filter by name: the following lists all connected GPUs
components gpu

# list all methods and their docs:
components -l gpu | less

Another option is grepping through the OC's source code for @Callback annotations.

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