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Another Quarry Bot

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Welcome to TooMa inc, we present Quarry Services.

This program is designed to mine chunks perfectly, and it will only mine those areas that you want through its client and server based system. Recomend download the installation file and save it in a floppydisk.


- Mine a full chunk except the central one.

- You can use more than one robot to do the work.

- You control how many chunks are mined or not.

- The only expensive part is the robot, prepare some dimonds, gold and endstone.



Only one mod quite usefull, a Mining World from Aroma.



- Tool managment, damanged tools.

- Another robot service to only mine ores.

- A better GUI.


Git web: OC_Quarry

Installation file: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MajestadESP/oc_quarry/main/setup.lua ./setup.lua


The main programs arent mine, I requested for the owner (a reddit user called Toothlessblue)to clear the code and fix the bugs, still learning how it works.


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