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Password door program accepts anything as correct


Hello, I'm quite new to lua and I've been working on fixing this code all day but I just cannot figure it out!
Whenever the program is opened it shows what it's supposed to:
Attempts: 0/3

However whenever something is inputted as a password and is incorrect it does not add +1 to attempts and activates the first if statement

Here is the code:



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17 minutes ago, BrisingrAerowing said:

You're reading into a variable called i, but are comparing a variable called input. Also the password needs to be surrounded by quotation marks (").

Would I need to remove I = io.read()

and instead of a double == I would have = correct?

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So for this you either need to change

i = io.read()


input = io.read()


or you can change

if input == pass then


if i == pass then


Right now you are storing your variable as a different way than you are accessing it (in your if statement), so you need to make them the same,

And then as others are saying your password needs to be surrounded in quotation marks, so line 2 needs to become

pass = "tama"


Hope I could help!


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