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Extremely simplistic network broadcast forwarder

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So, I ran into a problem on my server, since I use a security card system for the roleplay server. We had a MTF base (scp stuff) far away from the main site! What this means, is that if you are out of the main site, you couldn't use the swipe, since the modem doesn't broadcast that far. Well, I figured out just recently that the linked card can span any number of blocks! And so I got the idea, that I could put a network booster of some sort at the site and at the MTF base, whenever one booster receives a modem broadcast, it sends it through the link card. The other booster receives the link card transmission, and rebroadcasts it on it's own modem. The only requirement is for the sides to be chunk loaded, since obviously the computer can't receive messages if it isn't loaded. Requires a linked card and a modem. https://pastebin.com/5JfzJ7hB

Note: This should also work in different dimensions! As long as at least the main computer is chunkloaded (both if possible) this should work well. Also, if the boosts are close enough, that they both can receive one computer's broadcast, or even it's own broadcast, then it will create an infinite loop of sending and receiving, or send the same information twice. Having one be a wired network card worked for me when the boosts were a little too close.

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