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Immersive Railroading Stop Program


I have a program that is supposed to stop the trains of IR, the problem is that the error is displayed to me when a train runs through the adapter that is connected to the augment

local component = require("component")
local event = require("event")
local sides = require("sides")

local rs = component.redstone

-- The address of the first controller, ahead of the big speed brakes.
local slowdown_ctl = component.proxy("c6a0f834-b756-4393-8880-449b53d88d66")

-- The address of the redstone IO that activates the big speed brakes.
local slowdown_rs = component.proxy("016d9978-9339-43fd-94c3-8098e560dc89")

-- The address of the second controller that stops the train at the end.
local stop_ctl = component.proxy("9edded78-88b4-4828-9016-db76f7df1868")

-- The address of the redstone IO that activates the secondary speed retarders.
local stop_rs = component.proxy("5c8909d6-ee19-4bc9-b196-c4ac8607242f")

while true do
  print("Waiting for train...")
  event_name, address, augment_type, stock_uuid = event.pull("ir_train_overhead")
  if augment_type == "LOCO_CONTROL" and address == slowdown_ctl.address then
    print("Enabling speed retarders, reducing throttle, and preparing stopping area.")
    -- Note: Depending on where you place your IO block, you may need a different side.
    slowdown_rs.setOutput(sides.north, 15)
    stop_rs.setOutput(sides.up, 15)
    print("Waiting 10 seconds for train to come to a complete stop.")
    print("Disabling speed retarders.")
    slowdown_rs.setOutput(sides.north, 0)
  elseif augment_type == "LOCO_CONTROL" and address == stop_ctl.address then
    print("Train has reached stopping point. Braking and setting throttle to 0.")
    -- Once again, you may need to specify a different side.
    stop_rs.setOutput(sides.up, 0)
    print("Waiting a few seconds for train to stop.")
    print("Disabling brakes.")
    print("Brakes disabled. Train is ready.")



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