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Make a tutorial for builder


Discovered the "builder disk", and I tried it for my little robot in my creative test world.

First, I tried to build an nbt file, but the robot just placed blocks randomly.

Then, I tried to find a tutorial, but nothing.

After that, I found an "example.plan" (/mnt/[insert disk name here]/usr/file and tried to build it; and it worked!

So I tried to do my plan. I was on the logic that the robot wanna place blocs if I set special numbers (for each slot) for them and I worked 1 hour to make it. Finally, I finished the file, which is very long btw for a simple house. I saved it, ran it with builder, and...


So I haven't been discouraged and tried to remove the letters (why did I type letters ??) and to change them by a zero, and still a wall (The robot is placing then breaking the blocks)

Finally, I searched again for a tutorial in the wiki of ComputerCraft and the official website, but nothing


If a moderator sees that, please don't ignore me. I just want a tutorial to use YOUR APP because there is no way to find how to use it correctly.

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Poor Grammar
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