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Aunis Control System

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Hello! I'm Kevlaris, and this is my control system for Aunis! I am creating an SGC base with Aunis, OC and OS. Since I have loads of components, I can't just connect everything in one network, including the Stargate. That's why I've created a two-computer control system. The system is based off on Milky Way Stargates. [It is very primitive, but I'll keep modifying it and uploading it in here. The code is free to modify though]


Requirements: A computer directly connected to a Milky Way type Stargate (I call it the gate computer). Another computer which gives out orders to the gate computer (I call it the dialer). Those two computers should be connected together via cables and network cards or via wireless network cards. (If you use cables, I recommend you put an array between them)


Gate computer: Install gate.lua (I've implemented Aunis' simple dialing program into gate.lua, credit to their respective owners) and just run it. Note: you won't be able to use this computer for anything else. [You can replace the gate computer with a server instead if you'd like]


Dialer computer: Install dial.lua and shutdown.lua. Dial.lua dials pre-defined addresses which you can modify in the code addresses symbol-by-symbol. Shutdown.lua is a simple wormhole shutdown program.


I hope someone will find this system useful. If you find bugs or would like to suggest something, please feel free to do so.




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