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[1.7.10] LeadCraft Modded [80+ Mods] [Custom Launcher] [Factions] [24/7]

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is a custom 1.7.10 modpack server specialized in Technology, WorldGen, and Decoration mods.  It aims to create a well-integrated, but still fun and balanced gameplay.  We believe we have achieved this.



Launcher Download: http://leadcraft.us/launchermodpack/ Needed to play on the server. (Legit and cracked accounts supported)

Website: http://leadcraft.us

IP: play.leadcraft.us


YouTube Channel
LeadCraft Mod Feature Trailer
LeadCraft Launcher Tutorial
LeadCraft Short - Throw Ze Svitch!
LeadCraft Short - A Farmer's Life



Server Features:

  • Custom Launcher! - Use it to automatically install and update the game and modpack. No more file downloading hassle!
  • Physical currency! - We created a custom mod just to deal with economy! It has four tiers of coins and integrates fully with the shop and server.
  • Player-driven economy! - We encourage players to run their own faction shops and not rely on a server shop. The admin shop has very few things for sale and only buys somewhat-rare items.
  • Factions - Protect your land with Factions! Use faction homes for public shops, and faction warps for secret bases.
  • Integrated Inter-Server/Inter-Web chat! - Chat with players on our sister server (MilkBukkit), and people on LeadCraft from the website! It works in-game too!
  • Original Spawn Design! - No more warps or claimed areas in the overworld. Parachute down from the space station and land somewhere random in the main world!
  • Anarchy - Staff is limited to normal player abilities.
  • Less than 10 banned items! (May change) - We only ban items that bypass faction protection or cause the server to crash. That's it!

Mod List (Partial):

  • OpenComputers
  • Biomes O Plenty - Adds tons of (over 80) amazing and beautiful biomes, as well as some tools, armor, and mobs.
  • IndustrialCraft 2 Experimental - Ore processing and awesome machines. (Mining laser anyone?) Addons: Advanced MachinesCompact Watermills, and Compact Solars (CompactWindmills will be re-added soon)
  • BuildCraft - Item transportation, engines, pumps, and quarries. A must-have for every technology server.
  • Forestry - BuildCraft addon to automate farming! Also adds bees, butterflies, and genetic research.
  • RailCraft - A complete overhaul of minecraft's minecart system. Makes minecarts fun and useful again!
  • Project Red - Takes redstone to the next level. Adds volcanoes too. :D
  • Mekanism - Similar goal to IC2-Exp, but goes about it in a different way. Provides awesome looking jetpacks and green energy. Also, in-game voice chat once TriBlade9 gets it working properly.
  • Tubes! - Hands-down the best way to transport items, even in the face of BuildCraft.
  • Twilight Forest - Provides a feature-full dimension of huge trees, 6+ bosses, easy mining, fun utility blocks, and great biomes for faction bases.
  • Archimedes Ships - Create sail-able ships and airships out of blocks and then pilot them around!
  • Mariculture - Makes the ocean fun and useful, adds some different ways for obtaining things like clay and salt.
  • Tinker's Construct (And a couple of addons to help it integrate more) - Nearly unlimited tools with interchangeable parts and special features
  • Weather2 - Total weather overhaul, adds localized weather, realistic clouds, tiered tornadoes, hailstorms, and hurricanes.
  • Pam's HarvestCraft - Adds HUNDREDS of new crops, fruit trees, and foods, both healthy and unhealthy... Complete with a reference to EpicMealTime
  • BiblioCraft - Lots of useful furniture and blocks, really adds to the aesthetic value of your base. And a desk bell to annoy everyone around you. + Biomes O Plenty and Forestry Addons
  • Carpenter's Blocks - Blocks that can take on the appearance and features of other blocks, such as pressure plates, doors, slabs, PRISMS stairs, torches, levers, etc. Never worry about blocks that don't have fence and stair (and so on) variations again!
  • Wall Painter - Paint practically any block whatever color you want. Paint items too!
  • CraftHeraldry - Create personalized banners with over 200 color-able images for your faction!
  • Forge Multipart - Who says it needs to take up a whole block? Adds a whole new dimension of customization.
  • MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod - Tons of beautiful furniture to decorate your war base with. Complete with farting toilets and Nyan Cat TVs.
  • Trade Booth Mod - Better way to manage offline trading than commands.
  • Parachute Mod - Because why not?
  • QuiverBow - When a single bow isn't enough, add tons of bow variations, guns, and blasting gloves.
  • MapWriter - Basic Mini-Map that remembers where you've been.
  • InventoryTweaks and MouseTweaks - Makes it easier to craft and sort items.

Join us today! You know you won't regret it!




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The allowing of "Illegal" Players would make people stay away. Since if you ban one of them they can switch account names.

Possibly, but quite a few of our regulars are cracked.


Also, we're down for the current time due to the owner having some personal issues and being at a transition point in his life.

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Possibly, but quite a few of our regulars are cracked.

Your regulars may use non-premium accounts but please don't make it obvious on the forums please (if people ask in pm, you can tell them that it is there but not on the main topic)

Also your images are broken.

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