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Filesystem API reports back one more filesystem than there really is


So, here's the gist of what I'm doing. I want to read all of the filesystems, and have written this bit of code. (The computer.address comes into play in a moment.)

for a,n in component.list("filesystem", false) do

Pri just happens to be what I named my print command, past outputting on the screen it has no bearing on my code.

My computer is simple enough, creative case that houses all tier 1 parts and no hard drive. And that's where the problem comes. So, of course it reports back the floppy disk it's reading from(145), and reports back the computer's address(cd9), but it also reports something before the floppy disk, 8a8cec5-3ebf-4b81-b78e-caf4a4c3f767. Its placement is always random too although that might just be how the filesystem API works rather than anything to do with it. And if I add a hard drive(hypothetically, 638), it properly reports 638 but still has 8a8cec5 in that list. And that's not even the computer address like I initially thought! It doesn't match any components really, but the computer address is cd9, which is definitely different from 8a8.

I'm very confused and this frustrates me since this program revolves around you being able to pick a filesystem to use. Does anyone know what is causing this?

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