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Help with multiple I/O blocks


I have been stuck on this particular issue for around two years and I finally think it's time I ask for help. I have been trying to get a computer to control more than one I/O block at a time. I put down a creative computer case in my test world and link two I/O blocks up to it with cables. The I/O blocks work correctly if they are attached alone, and using an undressed call will usually end up controlling one of them once they are both attached. However, nothing I have tried will control the blocks separately. I am willing to try anything up to (but not including) chalking out a pentagram on my floor and lighting candles... please help! Here is the (cleanest) iteration of the several different things I have tried:

Code Example.txt

I have also tried directly coping some code that DID work for another user, but to no avail:

Code Example 2.txt

I always will get an error as if the setOutput was spelled incorrectly, or that the initial calls at the beginning were "not tables".  I know a little about java/lua and I used to be a heavy CC user, but this one has me stumped.

sincerely, the XBuidler


Edit: if anyone knows how to get the actual code clippings into the comment (and not these silly download links) I will switch them up.

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Do you know the address of your I/O blocks? They are unique and random Expamle 2 should work IF you enter the correct addresses.

right click/shift+right click with an analyzer will show you the address. take the first 5 characters of the address and put them inside the component.get() calls.

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