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I really want to setup an event on a server and I need a Countdown to do it, I want to use OpenComputers to do it but I don't know how

I would need it to look like this "00:00:00:00" and I want it to be days:hours:minutes:seconds. Also if it his 0 it should send a redstone signal out from the computer.

I'm a novice at coding so it would help a lot if someone could make it for me or send me to someone who has already done it so I can use it and learn more about code.
Thank you in advance.

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First the opencomputers documentation:  http://ocdoc.cil.li

local computer = require("computer")
local component = require("component")
local sides = require("sides")
local rs = component.redstone
local gpu = component.gpu

--Desired time in seconds EDIT THIS!!!
local timer_length = 10

--Clear the screen
local w,h=gpu.getResolution()
gpu.fill(1,1,w,h," ")
local time_remaining

--Get the current time and add desired countdown to it.
local time_now = computer.uptime()
local target_time = time_now + timer_length

-- Function to draw remaining time on screen
local function PrintTime(time)
  --Screen drawing logic in here!
  --Currently writes the reamining time on screen in seconds
  gpu.fill(1,1,w,1," ")
  gpu.set(1,1,"Time Remaining: " .. time)

--Loop until time is done
while true do
  time_now = computer.uptime()
  time_remaining = target_time - time_now
  if(time_now>=target_time) then

-- Emit a redstone signal from the back of the computer with a sgnal strength of 15.

This should work, but i have not tested it. 

It won't format the time in DD:HH:MM:SS (yet). It will howerver send the redstone signal when it hits 0 (in theory).

Just reply in this thread if you need more help  or if it doesn't work.

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