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bad at vijya

LuaComp - Includes, macros, and more!

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Wow, isn't it annoying to write EEPROMs? Don't you hate how messy they are?

Well, I have the utility for you! LuaComp!


A general purpose Lua preprocessor and minifier.


To build, either execute luapreproc or luacomp on src/init.lua


Execute luapreproc init.lua ../luacomp.lua


Execute luacomp init.lua -xO ../luacomp.lua

NOTE: Do not use a minifier, it breaks argparse!


Merging Lua source files

-- myfile.lua
local my_lib = {}

function my_lib.hello_world()
  print("Hello, world!")
-- main.lua
--#include "my_file.lua"

Getting enviroment variables

print("This was compiled in the shell "..$(SHELL))


@[[function my_macro(a, b)]]
print("Hello, @[{a}]. Your lucky number is @[{b}].")

@[[my_macro("world", 7)]]
@[[my_macro("user", 42)]]
@[[my_macro("Earth", 0)]]
@[[my_macro("Satna", 666)]]
@[[my_macro(os.getenv("USER"), os.getenv("UID")]]

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