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Simple high resolution graphics

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By calling hres.set(x, y, state) you can set a pixel at that x, y position to either be the foreground, or the background color. The x and y positions are the exact pixel location you'd like.

This allows for a theoretical maximum resolution of 320 by 200. This is achieved by using the Unicode braille characters. To get the current "hres" resolution you take the screens current x resolution and multiply by 2, and you take the screens current y resolution and multiply by 4.

There may be bugs, and things may behave oddly if you try to "turn off" a pixel that was not "on" in the first place.

local gpu = require("component").gpu
local unicode = require("unicode")
hres = {}
function hres.set(x, y, state)
  local x = math.floor(x)
  local y = math.floor(y)
  local scrx = math.ceil(x/2)
  local scry = math.ceil(y/4)
  local maxx, maxy = gpu.getResolution()
  if scrx > maxx or scry > maxy or scrx < 1 or scry < 1 then return end
  local prechar = gpu.get(scrx, scry)
  _, prechar = utf8.codes(prechar)(prechar)
  local offset = 0x2800
  local offsetx = (x-((math.floor(x/2))*2))
  if offsetx == 0 then offsetx = 2 end
  local offsety = y-(math.floor(y/4)*4)
  if offsetx == 1 then
    if offsety == 0 then
      brs = 7
      brs = offsety
    if offsety == 0 then
      brs = 8
      brs = offsety+3
  local offsetdec = 2^(brs-1)
  if prechar < offset or prechar > 0x28FF then
    prechar = offset
  if state then
      gpu.set(scrx, scry, unicode.char(prechar+offsetdec))
      gpu.set(scrx, scry, unicode.char(prechar-offsetdec))


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