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How to use Filesystem API


I want to make an application that creates a file named "config.txt" and read/write to it but i am hanging on creating the file. Can't find how to create the file.



My Project: Github_Project_Line85

I want to save the IP that the user writes in and after rebooting it should stay. (Line 85)

I want to make a check system with the config.txt and then load the variable into it.

It's using the GUI API from MineOS


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It writes to the current line of a new file, so in this case it'd be the 1st line. To read the first line just open the file in read mode `

file = io.open("myfile", "r")

Ip = file:read("*l")



*l reads 1 line from a file 1 reads one byte from a file

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Firstly you're mixing up file:read and file:write.. One writes to the file and the other reads.

local config = {}
for line in io.lines "/path/to/config.txt" do
  table.insert(config, line)

print(config[3]) -- # 3rd line in your config
-- # this is probably the simplest way but there are others.

To read a specific line in a file you'd have to know the exact offset of bytes until the information you're trying to read.

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