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for Minecraft 1.12.2


Source Code and builds can be found on Github.

Note: Requires Forgelin.


General Purpose (E)EPROMs?

Have you ever wanted fast storage? How about wanting to boot PsychOS 2 on a uC? Well, now you can! There are two main variants: The card and the drive.


The Card!



The Drive!




  • Tier 1 - Manually erased EPROM, erased with the assembler. 64KiB
  • Tier 2 - Electronically erased! Still 64KiB
  • Tier 3 - Bigger EEPROM! 128KiB!


But how do I craft them?

Just use JEI, trust me.


What else is included?

A utility floppy and ROMFS boot EEPROM are included with the mod!


Feel free to ask more questions!


i need to make docs

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How am I supposed to make the romfs image that you need to flash,

I spent some time trying to find through the lua code and inferring from there: Nothing

So I need to know, how tf does this work?

EDIT: I have observed that using a Lua 5.3 CPU can break some software, which can be fixed with a Lua 5.2 CPU, I tried both in the context

EDIT AGAIN: I figured it out: mkromfs <source folder> <filename to save as>

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UPDATE: I almost got miniOS booting, although it just says "attempt to call a nil value"

EDIT: HOLY brick IT BOOTED! I just had to cut the crap out of it, to a frightening degree actually, there's only a few files left, but at last, it booted

although edit and a few things are broken, but otherwise? It's cool! and it boots instantly

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