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calling component in variable but error


Hello world !

I need you for the first time because i'm in a project : research ice by drone like the series "Mars" on mars from the Galacticraft mod


but i have problems for programing : for the client (drone) it's done but for the server no i'm stuck

i'm using the folowing line for registering the module : modem :

local m=require("modem")

but it's not working...

the error

module modem not found


thanks a lot

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local c = require("component")
local m
if c.isAvailable("modem") then
    m = c.getPrimary("modem")


local c = require("component")
local m = c.modem


local m = require("component").modem


local m = require("component").getPrimary("modem")


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The reason that your code isn't working is that require is a function avaliable in open-os

on an eeprom you have to interface directly with the components.


function getComponent(name)
	component.proxy(component.list(name, true)())

local m = getComponent("modem")

component.list lists all components with the given name's addresses and type (calling the return value returns the first index's address)

component.proxy gives you a "proxy" of the component using an address

with out a proxy you would have to use component.invoke to call a method on a component


realised that you needed help with the server not the drone sorry, ignore this post.

Edited by J_E_Mc
misread the post

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