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Touch input


I'm using event.listen("touch") to make wherever I touch to be where the cursor is. However, this only writes the cursor's state on the cursor, and leaves the cursor in the same place it was before. I would like the cursor to move where I click, and be able to write text from there, instead of just leaving the cursor state there.

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Each process in openos has its own instance of a cursor. It's stored in the window property of a process I believe.. try assigning to the processes window cursor as term.setCursor will only set the cursor of the process calling it... I can't test any code ATM so you may have some exploring to do

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okay so its a bit tricky cause i dont know what exactly you're trying to pull but ill give it a shot...

local term = require "term"
local kb = require "keyboard"
local event = require "event"
local process = require "process"
local component = require "component"

local window = term.internal.open() -- # creates a full screen window. optionally provide (dx, dy, width, height)
term.bind(component.gpu, window) -- # bind the primary gpu to the window we made

local proc = process.info() -- # get an instance of this process' details
local handle = event.listen("touch", function(_, _, x, y) -- # this is basically your 'cursor' function
    	proc.data.window.x = x
    	proc.data.window.y = y
    	print "HI" -- # click around to see the effect

while true do
  local ev = {event.pull("key")}
  if ev[4] == kb.keys.q then break end -- # quit the loop and basically the program

event.cancel(handle) -- # clear the event listener

This example can be modified to control the window of another process as well. I hope this can get you started. Ask away if this isn't very clear....

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The lib you're looking for are cursor.lua & full_cursor.lua but I'm not sure these will do what you're seeking to accomplish I just remember hearing about them...

Also my example was done in a way that it could be modified to control the windows(and thus the cursors) of other processes. If you just want to access the current processes window it  may be simpler with the tty lib.

local tty = require "tty"
local event = require "event"
local kb = require "keyboard"

local window = tty.window
local handle = event.listen("touch", function(_, _, x, y)
    	window.x = x
    	window.y = y
    	print "HI"

while true do
  local ev = { event.pull("key", nil, nil, kb.keys.q) }


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