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Harvesting Drone quite easy to use

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Edit: feel free to ask me any questions since obviosuly I have not documented this script well... or at all :P

I have created this little script when I started getting into scripting months ago when I created my first thread with a question in this forums - and thought I share it now.


I might update and advance it but I am not sure yet. Since I haven't done any development work eversince then.

Any feedback is appreciated, since I am really unexperienced in this topic :D


You'll need:

1 Charger and Energy supply

1 Chest

1 Drone with this script


The first thing you have to  do is open the code and define your width and length of your field:

fieldWidth = 

fieldLength =

Then flash it onto your EEPROM and put it into your drone.


You have to place the charger on one corner of your field. 

The drone moves positive on Z axis for "forward" and negative on X axis for "right" in my script.

So you may have to try out all 4 corners or just compare to your coordinates in F3 data screen to get the right direction.

Then place the drone on the charger and start it.


You can place a Chest behind the starting position of the drone and it will place items in there.


The reason you have to let the drone start from a specific direction is, that I couldn't get the navigation upgrade to work due to issues with which chunks the vanilla map loads,

you use to craft the navigation module.


Best Regards,

a scripting noob


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