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Applied Energistics 2 without ME Controller


I'm playing SkyFactory 4 and I want to use my computer along with an export bus, but I don't have access to the ME Controller due to a lack of channels. How do I go about transporting items using the export bus without the ME Controller?

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Well, you actually just need a computer and an adapter to interact with me-components (not even an inventory_controller upgrade). You also require an database component to configure me I/o stuff (export busses, import busses and interfaces)

In order to properly use the export bus, you need to have access to the items in the network. Then, using the database component, you can store information about a stack of items in the database and use this to configure the export bus. The functions for accessing the items in the network are provided by the "common network api", which should be shared by all me-components. BUT for some reason, this api can only be accessed by the me-controller (at least in the 1.12 I'm using atm). Which means, you need to directly place your adapter next to the me-controller.

There might be a work-around, tho. Look for an item called MFU by open computers. If you have it in your version, shift-right-click with this item on the me controller and place it in an adapter. Then you should find the component me_controller.

If this works for you, let me know and I'll help you with the database stuff to actually configure the export bus if you have trouble to do so.

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That's what I thought too, until I realized only the ME Interface and ME Controller can access the Common Network API. The ME Interface is currently bugged, so although the cable part will give the interface API, it will not give the Common Network API. The full block interface however cannot be used as a component as channels are disabled.

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